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Practical methods for refeeding patients with anorexia nervosa

ABSTRACT: Anorexia nervosa (AN) is a complex mental health disorder that may result in life threatening medical complications if not properly treated. Refeeding and weight restoration are the primary goals of treatment in AN. A multidisciplinary team is essential during this process in order to properly monitor and address complications that can arise during refeeding. There are benefits and drawbacks to different approaches to refeeding and weight restoration, however, recent research supports more aggressive approaches to refeeding and weight restoration. This review explores recommendations for methods of refeeding from various professional organizations, current standards of practice, as well as management of complications that may arise during the refeeding process.

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  1. Koustsvalis A, Forzley EM, Johnson M, Oakley MA, Trees N, Mehler PS. Practical methods for refeeding patients with anorexia nervosa. Integrative food and nutrition and metabolism. DOI:

ACUTE Earns Prestigious Center of Excellence Designation from Anthem
In 2018, the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders & Severe Malnutrition at Denver Health was honored by Anthem Health as a Center of Excellence for Medical Treatment of Severe and Extreme Eating Disorders. ACUTE is the first medical unit ever to achieve this designation in the field of eating disorders. It comes after a rigorous review process.

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